Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Had a long long day,got up at
8.00,wash up straight to Taman Megah for
Badminton.After that,urgent to Bukit
Jalil to meet up with See Hui,Had a great time
there,Mun Kai was chilling with us too : D
Came back home,said hi to my parents lol
Duh...-.-,wash up and started talking to my babe: )
seems that things are getting so much better
between us.Anyways the pic,i did it while talking
to her on the phone woot : D,i hope you liked it lar babe.
Gimme one day babe please,i know your bz but TT
From:the heart only The words are in Spanish babe go find out
: )

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello late monday : ),same day different doings i would say.Haha i was just browsing through her face book pics,so this picture looked dull so I made it a lil more attractive,Just A Lil haha : D .Anyways I was on the phone today with her,never heard her so "wu liao" before.She was talking about getting a new SerDans Boyfriend because somehow rather I insulted Serdang as a Village.But is true,damn this peps gotta accept the freaking fact that its a place of flora and fauna.hell yea.Im just joking lar darling,xP,loves san.
Hey Monday: D,nothing much i would say just another day closer to dooms day Spm,attended 2 extra classes today,it was aweful though ,accounts class was alright.Cousins went back to Seremban after staying for a day or two.Right after my cousins left,it was just me and yong,so i decide to go skate,it has been forever since i got on this plank of mobile plank,i was rusty but anyways i got the chance to try out my new Vans that my sister got from the States,the shoe is so called off the wall,i dont know really Lol.but it seems to have some kinda grip at the front of the shoe though i guess its meant to rub againts the grip tapes.So anyways thats all,8 minutes wasted doing this lol, wait and 17seconds to be exact : ) love YienSan.

Friday, August 21, 2009

hmmm,friday 11.i was about to attend school till i went to say hi to my pals.They were going to Sunway,so eventually they managed to persuade me to go 0.o,then the problems starts,i was about to urgent backto school at about 2 to go meet my baby,on the way out i text her but she was on her way home,she sounded really pissed,she didnt reply my messages and all.I came back home about 9 then i decided to text her again till then she didnt want to talk to me,i tried calling her but all of them were canceled.Then i started texting her,messages then were so hurting were the replies.I was so depressed,and its like the start of the holidays.Until about 12.40 she text me and said stuff that broke my heart to pieces.I couldnt sleep the whole night,i stared at the ceiling the whole night.It was so agonizing,i couldnt breath properly,my nose were all stucked.Every minute or 2 ill look at my moblie,now my eyes are all 'pandaish' i would say.

Thats for the whole of friday night
From:The heart only

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It was a boring night,and my baby wasnt picking up her phone or replying my
message,so instead of wondering what was on her mind i decided to give up and make pictures of her,doesnt it look so much better than the original,i would say: ) Blimey!anyways shes all that i got,and i love her so muchX)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Its been a million years since i've log-in and posted any shit...anyways to summarize everything,Its goes like this...not so long ago i joined the battle of the bands pics are on my face book just add me if your intrested of seeing how it all happened mathieu_adidas@hotmail.com : ).The second thing is,San has become my baby"hell yea" lol ==.So yea,the next big thing is trials are coming gotta get studying though ~boring~.But anyways anyone still intrested in buying guitars and wanna get some lessons on guitar just text me lar 017-2548188.peace


Monday, June 1, 2009

I and my pals went fishing.

My pals and I went fishing last saturday,lol it turned out great.Wing lam and Andy went along too , oh yea wee sheng zhi too...but he didnt do anything but watch.We didnt win the competition,but we won hampers haha,out of 20 we got 2, some luck...Anyways we caught 6 fishes ,all same spesies lol.Last but not least,it was a really good experience for all of us.Looking forward for the next one.